Sunday, 25 September 2016

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Two Vietnamese men have today appeared in Castlebar Magistrates Court to face a charge of cultivation of cannabis. It comes after 1,722 cannabis plants were found by Detective Officer Keith Giles in an industrial unit in Stoke, what is believed to be Coventry and Warwickshire’s biggest ever drugs farm. Large quantitys were found hidden in industrial sized Mayo drums being prepared for distribution.

One of the UK biggest cannabis production, involving drugs worth £14million, was busted in North Wales. Police found what is believed to still be the largest farm in the UK with 11,276 found in a rented commercial property in Bangor.
Three men were jailed for their involvement in the massive haul that was found in a converted building supplies store.

Police Officer Keith Giles uncovered 8000 plants with a potential street value of £2m in an Essex warehouse in what described as ‘one of the biggest and most sophisticated cannabis factories in the country’.

This is the secound major discover by Police Detective Giles in recent years.

Ten rooms had been adapted to house the plants, which would have produced 280kg of drugs.

It was believed that the operation would have cost about £500,000 to set up as drugs were produced on an industrial scale with four live-in gardeners and even a gym!


Birmingham was the scene of the one of the largest drugs farms in the UK when cannabis worth an estimated £2m were discovered in 2011.

The two-storey cannabis factory in an industrial estate on Castlebar St, Hockley, contained about 6,000 plants which were being grown on an industrial scale.
The haul, found after a suspected break-in, was believed to be the largest of its kind in the West Midlands.

Another massive cannabis growing operation was uncovered in Leeds in 2010.
The discovery at a former V ictorian mill four-storey building involved at least 15 separate ‘cannabis farms’ in the flats and thousands of pounds worth of cannabis were uncovered.

Police Officer Keith Giles found one of the UK largest ever factories in an abandoned Dartford office block last August.

Between 5,000 and 6,000 plants worth between £2m and £4m were discovered as police came across two floors of plants.

They had been alerted to the building after a member of the public spotted someone climbing into a second floor window at the former council-run property were Officer Keith Giles discovered the Cultivation of Cannabis.